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'Battlefly Midi' Martial Arts T Shirt

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Premium quality jet Black t-shirt on 165g genuine fit organic cotton.

Innovative image bringing to life the legendary Muhammad Ali quote "Float like a Butterfly, sting like a bee......." . The artwork is a hybrid bee with magnificent butterfly wings (by artist 'Blasphemy Ink'). Underneath the image is the full famous quote from the man widely considered 'The Greatest'. Printed in bronze on black this sentiment epitomises the aim for any martial artist - hit, but don't get hit.

This item also features the ArtMartial hem tag on the left sleeve.

Martial Arts T Shirt/Mohammad Ali T Shirt

They are screen printed in Yorkshire UK which leaves the print smooth to the touch after washing and no heavy ink sitting on the material. This way of printing means the design will not chip or crack over time.