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What Martial Arts do you practice?

Marco primarily trains Krav Maga (he also plays masters Rugby League)

Plus, both Matt and Marco train Muay Thai together….ideally when they are supposed to be in the office!

Matt is also currently trains BJJ and is a purple belt. Historically he has a brown belt in Kickboxing and trained Wing Chun for a couple of years.

Who is ARTMARTIAL for?

We are very specific that ARTMARTIAL is for ALL martial artists. We view martial arts and its practice more at the holistic level as people doing something positive with their lives, staying healthy, and developing a skill.

We have no time for style vs style infighting. Not everybody is involved in martial arts for the same reason and as such people journeys shouldn’t be compared.

Why did you start ARTMARTIAL?

While Matt was practicing Kickboxing and Wing Chun he was looking for a contemporary style t-shirt in the style of the BJJ/MMA brands he was being shown in Facebook ads.

After a pretty extensive search he was unable to find anything but novelty style stuff on Teemill/Teespring etc.

After investigation he was also unable to find anything in the ‘streetwear’ style we are striving to achieve for many of the major martial arts (Karate, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, JJJ, Judo, and others).

He spoke to Marco about and he agreed this seemed crazy.

We were both working in the corporate world and neither of us wanted to be and the project sounded fun.

So, we thought we would build our own!

Who does your designs?

At the conceptual level we do. We have a rough idea of a design we think would be cool. Then we have a bank of artists that we can call on to bring it to life. Each artist has their own unique style and we prefer not to be too prescriptive. So we just try to give the right design to the right artist and let them work their magic!

How do you print?

We press all the items ourselves using premium DTF heat transfers. These are not the transfers of old that come off after a couple of washes. This is a modern style of screen print ink transfer that are extremely durable.

Where in the world can/will you ship?

We ship globally, even for free to some places over a certain amount. Please be aware though that your own country may wish to collect some for or duty or tax from you.